Honey Bee Removal

Bee Removal

If you see a swarm or cluster of bees in or around your home or office or see numerous bees flying in and out of cracks or gaps on the exterior, you are in need of bee removal and honeycomb removal. Trapper J is is equipped to remove the bees and extract and clean all honeycomb from the interior voids within your structure. Bee removal can be very dangerous and should be left up to a licensed professional.

Squirrel Removal

One of the most common squirrel removal services that Trapper J provides is for squirrels in the attic. During certain times of the year squirrels will enter homes and attics through existing holes or they will chew their way through weakened areas of roofs, vents and soffits to gain access to a warm safe attic. Once inside, squirrels can and will cause significant damage to your home. Jerry can humanely remove these squirrels before the damage is done.
Beaver Removal Service

Beaver Removal

If you have beavers affecting your home, business, or exterior property you have come to the right place for professional help. Trapper J is professional beaver trapper and wildlife control technician. Beaver cause many problems on streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, spillways, and culverts. Our main line of work is to remove beavers from locations where they may cause damage. Beavers have recently become more of a common urban problem.


Trapper J is Jerry Robbins, he has the training, equipment and experience to handle your nuisance wildlife removal situations in North and Central Louisiana He can resolve your current wildlife problem and then “animal-proof” your home or place of business to prevent future infestations. We also conduct damage cleanouts, including dead animal removal and droppings, repairs and deodorizing with environmentally safe products.

Honey Bee Removal

Get Rid of Bees

Do you have bees in your walls? A Honeybee comb on your property?  We are highly skilled at safely removing honeybees and honeybee combs out of walls, outbuildings, attics, roofs or hollow trees on your property.  Trapper J can safely get rid of bees and get rid of your honeybee problem.
Bat Removal Service

Get Rid of Bats

Most customers love bats in the yard, but don’t want them in their homes. A half inch of space or more is all a bat colony needs to get into the attic of your home or business. Bats feel most safe when they have to squeeze into their home, since they know most of their predators can’t follow behind.
Raccoon Removal Service

Get Rid of Raccoons

Do you have a raccoon in the chimney? Raccoon babies in the attic? A dead raccoon in your building? Do you have raccoon damage on your roof, a raccoon in your attic or in your walls or crawlspace? We trap raccoons, we get rid of raccoons for you, we remove raccoons,  we repair raccoon damage.
Squirrel Removal Service

Get Rid of Squirrels

Do you have a squirrel in the chimney? A squirrel nest in the attic?  Squirrel damage on your roof? Trapper J can exclude squirrels, we trap squirrels, we remove dead squirrels, we block squirrels from returning into your building, we remove squirrels and we get rid of your squirrel problem.

wildlife removalWelcome to Wildlife Removal Louisiana, your first step to the effective and humane removal of wildlife within your home or office.

Trapper J  is your Louisiana wildlife removal specialist and is highly skilled, seasoned professional who can trap wildlife, remove wild animals, remove dead animals, and get rid of your wild animal problem. Whether you have squirrels in the attic, raccoons in the chimney, a rat nest in the walls, a skunk den under your porch, or bats in the building, we are your Louisiana wildlife removal specialist. We trap the wild animals, we get rid of wild animals, we properly clean up and sanitize the contaminated site, and repair wild animal damage.

All wild animals on your property or in your home or business pose a health risk and can cause costly property damage. Animal parasites such as mites, ticks or fleas infest buildings and transmit diseases. Animal droppings and animal urine harbor dangerous microorganisms or fungi that cause debilitating disease. Wild animals such as squirrels chew holes in buildings, rats gnaw on personal property, mice contaminate food, raccoons rip holes in roofs or siding, pigeon droppings eat through concrete or wood joists, swallow nests deface and stain the sides of buildings, and woodpeckers drill holes in soffits and fascia. Vole tunnels, mole hills and gopher holes kill grass and other vegetation and destroy your yard. Raccoon bites, bat bites, snake bites, opossum scratches and hornet nests rack up medical bills for you or your pets. Skunk spray and carpenter bee chewing can cost you thousands of dollars in damage. All of these things call for a wildlife removal specialist like Trapper J.

Trapper J is the LEADER in wildlife removal servicing commercial and residential properties in North and Central Louisana. Wildlife damage could cost you thousands of dollars and cause you, your family, your customers and your clients serious health and liability issues. Trapper J offers professional, permanent, humane solutions for wildlife removal and control. In addition to the quality of our Louisiana Wildlife Removal service, our post removal restoration techniques are what separates our services from other wildlife control providers. After eradicating your home of nature’s uninvited guests, our licensed and insured expert will sanitize and repair the infected and damaged areas.



Armadillo Removal and Control is a common wildlife removal call that is received in the North and Central Louisiana area. Armadillos have powerful digging claws, and armadillo holes destroy grass and mar landscaping. Armadillos rip up sod as they search for grubs and insects to eat, leaving shallow holes scattered around your property. Armadillo dens are deeper and longer holes, and can cause costly structural damage when they are located under stairs, decks, porches or foundations. Contact us now to get rid of armadillos from your property. We trap armadillos and remove armadillos to prevent them from causing further damage.
Armadillo Removal Services



Carpenter bees are prevalent throughout Louisiana. Although there are different species, the most common is big and resembles a bumble bee. You may find it foraging around flowers, shrubs and under the eaves of buildings. This bee is unique from most because it will bore into wood to make its home. They are a nuisance and can cause damage to any wood on your Louisiana property. They also bother homeowners by “attacking” them though they rarely sting. To keep your building free of carpenter bees, you must know their biology and habits. If you are aware that you live in an area where carpenter bees are present, take action sooner rather than later to prevent problems.
Carpenter Bee Removal Services


Beaver problem situations may include impoundment of water threatening downstream property, upstream flooding of land, trees or crops killed or damaged by flooding, flooding of homes, roads, impairment of drainage systems, contamination of water supplies, damage to wildlife habitat or land owner distress. Control and removal of beaver is a very important aspect of our wildlife removal program. In short, beavers on your property can cause you a great deal of money in repairs. We trap beavers and we remove beavers off of your property. We know how to get rid of beavers!
Beaver Removal Service


If you have been experiencing coyote damage, the most effective approach is to use a combination of capture and removal and exclusion preventative measures. Fencing and using guard animals are a suitable form of prevention, however if a coyote has established itself and is causing damage or are threatening human health and safety, it may require a wildlife removal professional and need to be removed. There are instances where coyote habituation is so severe that the coyote can be considered an immediate threat to people, especially children and pets. This is when coyote removal is often warranted. Lethal removal is accomplished either through trapping or direct shooting. Coyotes are difficult to trap or shoot, and these actions should be undertaken strictly by wildlife removal professionals.
Coyote Removal Service


Trapper J specializes in skunk control, skunk Exclusion, and Skunk Removal. We remove wildlife pests in a humane manner and will clean up the mess they may have left behind and repair any damage these wild creatures have caused to your home. Skunk damage can include skunk holes in the yard or garden, skunk attacks on chickens or pets, skunk dens under decks, stairs or foundations, and skunk spray which can result in thousands of dollars of property damage. We trap skunks, we remove skunks, we get rid of your skunk problem, and we deodorize after a skunk has sprayed on your property. This is one form of wildlife removal that should definetly be left to a professional!
Skunk Removal Service

The Best Choice For Louisiana Wildlife Removal

Choose Professional, Experienced, Licensed Wildlife Removal Specialist, Trapper J. – Jerry D Robbins, renowned animal control specialist, affordably captures animals that are a nuisance to you, your family and your home, property or office. We will meet or beat our competitors pricing! We pride ourselves on being thorough, professional and affordable wildlife removal specialist!