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How Do I Get Rid of Coyotes in Louisiana?


coyote removalCoyotes are one of the biggest nuisance wildlife removal problems in Louisiana, these canines will eat anything that presents its self as a meal. They have been publicized in the papers for eating house cats, small dogs and even livestock. They a Pack animals meaning they often number more than 2, the average coyote pack has 8 to 12 animals in it. Coyotes should never be approached by a inexperienced person as they are very dangerous animals that often carry rabies. If see on your property, call Trapper J today at (318)439-0202 for experienced coyote removal. Jerry knows how to get rid of coyotes!

Our Louisiana clients frequently complain of coyotes near and around the area where their domestic pets go outside to exercise and play. Most domestic animals are easy prey for a hungry coyote. With this in mind, you must exercise caution and pay attention to your pets when letting them outside if you suspect there are coyotes. The most distinctive sign of a coyote’s presence on your property is the sound of their howls at dusk and throughout the night.

Coyote are usually classified as a pest species due to their predator habits. The most common reasons for looking at a coyote removal and control service include the following:

  • Coyotes preying on cattle
  • Coyotes preying on chickens
  • Coyote posing threat to pet

For these reasons, many people wish to have these nuisance canines trapped and removed. Not all trappers provide this coyote removal service, but some specialize in canine snaring and capture, as part of a predator abatement program.

The coyote is a member of the dog family, similar in appearance to a medium size shepherd. They weigh between 20 and 30 pounds, have pointed ears, a narrow muzzle, and bushy tail. Males tend to be larger than females. Their thick coat is grayish in color, with reddish tinges to the legs and ears, and a lighter-colored belly and nape. Coyotes have yellow eyes which reflect as greenish-gold at night. Coyotes occur in nearly all types of habitat, including some urban and suburban areas. They are most abundant in areas with a mixture of farmland, woodland, and grassland. More Coyote Information

If you have been experiencing coyote damage, the most effective approach is to use a combination of capture and coyote removal and exclusion & preventative measures. Fencing and using guard animals are a suitable form of prevention, however if a coyote has established itself and is causing damage or are threatening human health and safety, you will need professional coyote removal.

Generally speaking, coyotes can and do cause many nuisance problems in city and suburban areas. However, if a coyote has lost it’s fear of humans and is exhibiting threatening behavior, removing the problem coyote may be the only recourse. For more information on coyote removal and to learn how to get rid of coyotes please call Jerry at (318)439-0202.


Coyote Removal Service
Coyote Removal Service


Where Do We Provide Coyote Removal Service?

Trapper J, a North Louisiana Nuisance Wildlife Animal Removal specialist is the most professional coyote removal and control service available in Monroe, West Monroe, Ruston, Bastrop, Alexandria, and Pineville in the North and Central Louisiana area. Trapper J knows ‘How to get rid of coyotes’

Primarily serving the North and Central Louisiana Parishes of Allen, Beauregard, Bienville, Catahoula, Concordia, Caldwell, Claiborne, East Carroll, Franklin, Grant, Jackson, La Salle, Lincoln, Madison, Morehouse, Natchitoches, Ouachita, Rapides, Richland, Sabine, Tensas, Union, Vernon, West Carroll, Winn and surrounding communities.

We also provide coyote removal service for the North and Central louisiana cities and towns of Alexandria, Arcadia, Bastrop, Colfax, Columbia, Oakdale, Farmerville, Harrisonburg, Homer, Jena, Jonesboro, Kinder, Lake Providence, De Ridder, Oak Grove, Oberlin, Marksville, Monroe, Natchitoches, Rayville, Ruston, Saint Joseph, Tallulah, Vidalia, West Monroe, Winnfield, Winnsboro.


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